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Custom Work

Neil Maciejewski Johnson operates a private art studio in Cotuit on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

If you are interested in having a stained glass piece created, please contact Neil for an appointment through the Contact page. If you're interested in taking a class, please visit my Class Booking page!

Below are all the services Neil provides.


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Cape Cod Custom Stained Glass Art Cape Cod Stained Glass Classes

Project design, direction & consultation

If you have always wanted the perfect stained glass window for your home, I can help you bring it to life! I prefer to meet with you in person at the location where you would like your window to live. I can help you choose the best types and styles of glass to achieve the stained glass project you have always wanted. Once a design is selected, I will render out the drawing and share with you the final design and color selection before work begins. At this time, I will also provide pricing and timing for the completion of the window.

Cape Cod Custom Stained Glass Art Cape Cod Stained Glass Classes

Glass Selection

Selecting your glass is one of the most important decisions when constructing a stained glass piece. There are hundreds of glass styles and colors to choose from. When selecting glass, I always try to select glass that complements the design aesthetic. For example, if you have several leaves in your design, I suggest using a textured art glass to simulate the veins and various colors that can be found in leaves. 



Once all materials are agreed upon, the building process takes place. During construction, I will share progress photos with you and invite you to come see the piece come to life in my studio. The timeframe for construction will be agreed upon during the signing of the estimate. If the piece is being installed into an existing window or space, I will require a fitting of the window or space prior to the construction.



After our initial meeting, I will provide you with an estimate based on the approved project design and glass selection. Prices range from $150 - $250 a square foot. A 25% deposit is required once the final cost of your project is agreed upon. Some of the factors that impact pricing are the following:


-Complexity of design

-Type of glass (there are various types of glass that impact the overall price)

-Size of the overall piece

-Construction style

-Method of Installation


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Above: A custom piece I designed of Race Point Lighthouse in Provincetown, Massachusetts for a client.

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